Dental Brain Trust

What if you could disrupt the status quo of your industry by becoming part of an exclusive dental community of influencers, innovators, and trail blazers?

Facilitated communities of innovators and influencers have the power to shift perspective, change the course of dentistry, and make a global impact.

A Dental Brain Trust gives you access to conversations, solutions, and innovation you don’t have in your day-to-day operations. This is a 12-Month Peer-to-Peer Dental Brain Trust with proven methodologies and support to create business opportunities and grow your influence. The value you’ll receive: 

  • Monthly 60-Minute Meetings
  • Review of Your Annual Business Plan
  • Pre-Meeting Agenda/Goal Sheet
  • Ideate Opportunities/Challenges
  • Design KPI’s
  • Peer Group Contribution
  • Curated Guest Speakers
  • Post-Meeting Action Steps

Ideas need a plan of action and a person to execute. Your lead team member will participate in the sub-group working side-by-side to take your goals to the finish line.


Accountability and execution of the leader’s plan:

Your trusted team member will be accountable to manage the implementation of strategies, goals, and ideas uncovered during the Peer-to-Peer Dental Brain Trust. This group will receive the benefits of:

  • Monthly 60-Minute Meeting; separate from the Dental Brain Trust
  • Problem Solving with 2 Strategic Consultants 
  • Aligning Quarterly KPI Deliverables for the Practice
  • Mapping out Strategic Execution
  • Accountability Partner; Check-Ins


Commit to your personal and professional vision by placing a deposit to hold your spot or book a follow-up call:

Julieanne:  818-749-5598          email: [email protected] 

Holland:  917-886-1811           email: [email protected]


Pay your $2500 DEPOSIT HERE to HOLD your spot for the next Dental Brain trust (Mastermind) now. We will reach out with further details within 1-2 business days.

Limited Space Available

Animal Impulse, Ltd. reserves the right to remove members from the group if they are not a right fit with a complete refund. Interviews are conducted prior to formal commitments.
Once you have paid a deposit your first interview will be scheduled within 1 week of payment.

Total price for a 12-month program is $12,500.00

About your Dental Braintrust Facilitators/Leads

Julieanne O’Connor:
Holland Haiis: