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LEVERAGE Your Influence and Buy Back Your Quality of Life

Use Your Experience & Reputation to Transform Lives starting with Your Own

Learn how to leverage your reputation & influence to help your practice(s) to expand without spending ridiculous amounts of money to capture people’s attention. Attract your ideal patients, associates, and employees. Increase the value of your practice and focus on those services you most love to offer. Use your reputation to form partnerships that impact your bottom line and your freedom.

  • Learn why leveraging your influence saves you time while helping you meet or exceed your goals
  •  Discover simple ways you may not have thought of to grow your influence
  • Use an authentic approach to marketing yourself with your credentials, articles, blogs, e-books, books, podcasts, history, testimonials, pr, relationships and influence you didn’t even realize you had
  • Discover ways to form new strategic partnerships you may not have thought of
  • Learn the mastery of outsourcing the right things


Best Kept Branding, Social Media, and Marketing Strategies for Your Most Profitable Services

Secret Strategies and Resources Marketers Don’t Tell You About to SAVE YOU MONEY

Branding, social media and marketing have never been more blurred, confusing, and saturated with competition than now. However, there are incredibly simple ways to set yourself apart and stand out from the crowd using what you have right now. Learn how to creatively approach your marketing using that which already exists in your practice. Find out how to attract your ideal patients and employees with your message.

   Learn how to get clear on, and market to your target or ideal patients

  • Discover how marketing to your ideal patient will make you more profitable than casting the net wide, as most people do  
  • Learn what some of the most successful practices are doing differently from others
  • Discover simple ways to implement systematic approaches to your marketing that allow your team to focus on what they do best, freeing up everyone’s time, effort & energy
  • Gain crucial strategies that will clean up your marketing and give you clarity on where to focus
  • Get a gift of resources/hacks


Team Collaboration with Conflict Resolution and Trust Building

(Co-trainers Julieanne O’Connor & Holland Haiis)

Reduce stressful conflict and encourage healthy conversations that build trust while reducing liability!
Discover new ways to help create collaboration and teamwork while building trust in your practice. Learn incredibly simple ways to build rapport and ensure your team is working together even where there may have been prior friction. Learn ways to get clear on what matters to your team and how to guide them in genuinely helping to bring your practice’s vision to life.

  • Recognize the difference between healthy and unhealthy team conflicts
  • Learn ways to build trust with your team
  • Discover methods for de-escalating conflict and creating collaboration
  • Put into practice incentives that motivate your team with healthy competition
  • Get incredible ideas for helping to inspire your team in ways you may not have thought of
  • Learn why high functioning teams outperform others regardless of how “nice” their leaders are  
  • Create powerful accountability that doesn’t require YOU to be there


Know Your Mission and Vision and work backwards from What Matters Most

Whether it’s full arch surgeries, dental implants, aligners, or other types of dentistry that you love to offer, learn how to make your practice a powerhouse practice. Discover how easy it is to have more fun and make more profit.

  • Learn the Secret Strategies used by Successful Dentists who Love their Lives
  • Get crystal clear on your ideal services
  • Discover how to niche market and why it saves tons of time and money
  • Learn about resources to get everyone on your team properly trained to support those sales from start to finish
  • Find out how you can collaborate with trusted partners


The Happiness Gauge – Discover how you can grow while sustaining joy and peace of mind!

Do you believe happiness is actual or sustainable?  Are you happy?  Would you be more successful, creative, energized and motivated if you felt happier more of the time? Uncover the secrets to understanding happiness for you, your team, and your family. Learn the 3 G’s that will become the foundation of your daily practice if you want to sustain joy in every area of your life.

  • Discover ways to create goals founded on what matters most to you personally
  • Learn why trust is a key component of creating a happy culture
  • Discover simple ways to build trust
  • Learn two of the most critical human needs for generating happiness and joy
  • Tie Gratitude into your daily life and your practice  
  • Activate generosity in ways that align with your mission to manifest more joy and help grow your practice to where you can give back more

BURNOUT PREVENTION & Work-Life Balance for Dentists

Increase productivity and better your quality of life

(Co-trainers Julieanne O’Connor & Holland Haiis)

Burnout is happening in dentistry at alarming rates both for dentists and their staff/teams. It’s costly, dangerous and creates tremendous liability. Learn how to prevent it, why it’s important to acknowledge, and discover how to recognize the signs. Implement simple strategies to help eliminate burnout.

  • Learn the signs and symptoms of burnout for yourself and your team   
  • Learn how tiny preventative steps towards burnout prevention can shift your energy, creativity and clarity
  • Discover how stopping burnout can help your practice to boom effortlessly
  • Learn how simple systematic approaches to preventing burnout can methodically keep your practice in growth mode while increasing the fun factor, profits & sustainability
  • Discover why growth at the expense of burnout is not worth it in the end

COMMUNITY is to Dentistry, What Brushing is to Oral Health

Get the benefits that come when you build your practice with the foundation of “COMMUNITY”

(Growth, Giving & Influence)

Building Community within your practice and outside your practice can shift how you grow without spending unnecessary ad dollars. Community can help you offer your favorite services to your ideal patients effortlessly. Community can help you attract great team members and associates. Learn how to connect and collaborate for more fun, freedom and profit. Learn how community can lead to press and PR. Explore ways to co-brand and build your reputation and referrals.

  • Learn tips to form strategic partnerships that help create leverage and long term relationships
  • Discover ways to give back that excite you and build your network
  • Tie collaborations into PR opportunities to further promote your practice and the cause
  • Learn why Giving and Growing are the keys to sustainable enjoyment while you build a legacy
  • Learn how to pay forward your legacy with those who support you, your team or children

5 Secrets that Influential Dentists Live By

Influential Dentists have certain key strategies in common.

  • They PLAN 
  • They COLLABORATE with Key Partners in their Community 
  • They have consistent ACCOUNTABILITY and/or coaching to confirm where things are tracking 
  • They work with a right-hand person or team who helps to EXECUTE 
  • They know WHY they are doing it

Learn how to shift the results in your practice by implementing this powerful 5-step process with minimal distraction. Receive resources and a pre-planning guide to walk you through the process and learn how you can do it yourself. Lastly, learn how to turn dire cases and negative people into your best referral sources!

Practice Management Sounds a Little Boring – But Does it Have to Be?

Learn 10 Ideas that will shift your team from watching the clock or constantly posturing for another promotion or raise, to wanting to constantly help each other out and create more value.

  • Get 10 creative ideas you can implement in your practice immediately 
  • Have an interactive brainstorming session with your peers at this meeting • Learn why collaboration will always beat out competition 
  • Discover how to plan out your practice goals and incentives by engaging your team 
  • Learn how to shift the mindset of your team and treatment coordinators about high ticket cases so they are able to present them with ease

Leverage your Influence and Stop Burnout

Learn why over-achievers burnout and how to power back up if you see the signs in yourself.

All leadership begins with you. What makes some doctors happier? What makes some teams highly productive and loyal? Learn some of the psychology behind “overdrive” and how to transform it into a greater form of influence and generosity. Transforming a team depends on you setting the example.

  • Learn what makes people over-achieve
  • Learn how Growth and Giving change the brain 
  • Discover ways to turn endless over-achieving into sustainable enjoyment while growing your influence 
  • Learn how to acknowledge, accept and bounce back from symptoms of burnout

Power Up Your Persuasion and Influence

For Better Teamwork & Increased Case Acceptance

Case acceptance and team culture are at the forefront of some of the most pressing issues within dental practices today. The problems and mistakes are recurring yet obvious. No matter the size of the practice, case acceptance and teamwork drive results and affect the bottom line. Discover some of the most simple yet powerful ways to increase case acceptance while simultaneously building your team culture.
  • Observe:  Learn what to listen for when patients and team members express their concerns, fears and dreams.
  • Respond:  Find out simple techniques for responding to humans using their own language which increases their willingness to say, “yes”.
  • Witness Body Language:  Understand behaviors and body language that can guide you in increasing your influence.
  • Communicate and Lead:  Walk away with communication and leadership tips that anyone on your team can use as a guide to persuading others.
  • Overcome Objection:  Join in on an interactive Q&A that shows examples of how you can overcome objectives while empowering others to own their decisions.

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F1 Dental Event – Masterclass, November 2024 (Las Vegas)

OMS Study Club – October 2024 (Hawaii)

AAWD Annual Conference – Unleash Your Confidence & Own Your Professional Power! September 26-29, 2024 (Baltimore)

Yorba Linda Oral Surgery Study Club – August 2024 (Yorba Linda)

Tech & Taste, Innovative AI Solutions with a Side of Wine, “Mastering Influence & Efficiency” August 2024 (Napa)

Dykema – Dentistry’s Got Talent, July 2024 (Denver)

Pathway Leadership Retreat, Exceptional Leadership, June 2024 (Nashville)

Dr. Young OMS – June 2024

Women In DSO – Mentor, April -June 2024

ThriveLive – Henry Schein, Creating Internal Leaders for DSOs, May 2024 (Bellagio)

California Oral Surgery, Work Life Balance, Feb 2024

4M Institute – Social Media, January – April – October 2024 (Long Beach)

ADI 2023 – Co-Host, Dec 2023

Seattle Study Club, Secrets of Influential Dentists, April 2023 (Houston)

Seattle Study Club, Influence & Persuasion, Jan 2023 (McCallen, TX)

American Dental Institute, ADI Orlando – December 8-9, 2023

Study Club, Katy TX – Sept 29, 2023

4MI Elite Team Course, Long Beach, CA – September 22, 2023

4MI, Full Arch Dental Course + Digital – Social Media for Dentists – October 6-7, 2023

Restored Smiles Ranch, Grand Opening, July 24, 2023

American Dental Institute, ADI Orlando – May 18, 2023 – Grand Opening Event

Seattle Study Club – Feb 2023, April 2023, Sept 2023

Raving Patients – Dr. Len Tao, March 2023

Western Study Club – Beverly Hills, CA, March 2023

Elite Team Course – 4M Institute – March 2023

Dr. Mark Costes Podcast – Feb 2023

Inland Institute – 5 Secrets of Influential Dentists – February 2023

Envista Symposium, Bellagio, Las Vegas – February 2023

Nobel Biocare – Secrets of the Most Successful Dental Practices Parts 1–4, 2022

4MI, Full Arch Dental Course + Digital – Social Media for Dentists – October 2023

Full Arch Dental Course, 4M Institute for Dentists – January 2022

Guest on The Tooth Sleuth Podcast – November 2021

Influence Summit – November 2021

Revolution Dental – Coming Soon 2021

4M Institute for Dentists, Speaker, April 23, 2021 * July 23, 2021 * October 22, 2021

InstaRisa Speaker, March 26, 2021 * June 2021

Speaker, STAND OUT FOR SUCCESS summit, March 4-8, 2021


Summit Feb 14, 2021 1:30 PM to 7:30 PM (GMT)Live on Zoom, as a way to express Self-Love. LONDON

Guest on THOUGHTFUL ENTREPRENEUR, with Jen Amos and Josh Elledge, February 2, 2021

Speaker, Power of Social Media, 4M Institute for Dentists, January 22-24, 2021

Guest on EXPLODE YOUR EXPERT BIZ with Simone Vincenze, January 12, 2021

Guest on Sharon Lechter’s Podcast, THE PLAY BIG MOVEMENT, January 13, 2021



Nobel Biocare Webcast

4M Institute, Long Beach, Calif.: 2019/2020

NEGU YPN/Jessie Rees Foundation:  2020

She Is Hope LA:  2020/2021

Dr. Smile with Dr. Kayvon Javid, San Pedro/Los Angeles, Calif.: 2019/2020/2021 TBD

Lotus Leadership Retreat/Secret Sauce for Dentists – Sundance, Utah (Speaker):  2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Lotus Leadship Mini coming in 2022

ARISE 2019, MojiLife Convention, Park City, Utah:  2019

Crest/Oral B, Calif. (Speaker): 2017, 2018

Ahn Dental Specialists, Calif. (Speaker/MC): 2018

Southwest Oral Surgery, Ariz., (Speaker): 2018

Dickerson Orthodontics – Chandler, Ariz. (Speaker): 2018

Dr. Jacobsen – Victorville, Calif. (Keynote Speaker): 2018

TEDx TALK, Alive and Counting, (Speaker): 2017

Get Social Symposium, (Speaker): 2017

Truman Event – Las Vegas, Nev. (Keynote Speaker): 2017

Ocean Oral Surgery – Lompoc, Calif. (Speaker): 2017

Ocean Oral Surgery – Santa Barbara, Calif. (Speaker): 2017

INBOUND16 Boston, Mass. (Spotlight Speaker): 2016

Lotus Leadership Conference – Utah, (Speaker): 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Redondo Oral Surgery (Calif.), (Speaker): 2015

The Marriage Movement with Holly Robinson Peete (Speaker): 2015

Southwest Oral Surgery (Speaker): 2015

Phenomenal Women (Black Hollywood Live) (Guest)

Life by Design 90-Day Intensive (Trainer & Speaker)

Get Social Symposium (Speaker)

The Great Love Debate (Panelist)

Law of Attraction Group (Speaker)

Santa Barbara City College, Calif. (Speaker)

Ultimate Women’s Expo – Houston Reliant (Speaker)

Ultimate Women’s Expo – Phoenix Convention Center (Speaker)

Zuvita – Multiple Locations (Speaker)

Beyond Commerce – Multiple Locations (Speaker)

VOLUNTEER WORK:  Speaker for the Job Corp, Los Olivos, Lompoc, Solvang, etc.


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Harvard Business School Online, Leadership (2023)

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